Should we have a speical court system for terroists?

19 Jul

What happens in a shooting, especially those shootings where there are injuries and death?  We investigate and determine who the perpetrator becomes to be, then we allow them all the luxuries our criminal justice center allows.  We then put them on trial to give them an opportunity to plea bargain.  We then spend hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars keeping them incarcerated in one of our institutions.

In these cases they are treated like any person that normally tries to observe the laws of our nation.  The problem with this attitude is that the aforementioned have no consideration of any law or morality rule by which we live.

Many of the crimes that case injury and/or death are also very indiscriminately executed.  People targeted because they support a church, believe, or just because they are in the wrong place at the right time.  This type of crime has no right to be treated as normal.  It is not normal.  Drive by shootings are not normal.  Assassinations are not normal.  Kidnapping is not normal.  Bankers that take or misdirect other people’s money is not normal.  Threatening and/or intimidating people to get something you want is not normal.  All these and other crimes that ultimately effects the public at large or the government of the public are acts are terrorist acts.  These perpetrators should be put in a different category that takes them out of our normal court system.

People get mad at other people and kill or injure each other because we are human; reacting to various situations.  This would be a person that normally goes about the business of living a normal life.  The aforementioned perpetrators are people that have built their lives around the premise that they are not going to follow the rules of society that the normal public figures choose to live by.  There is a mark difference in the person hooked on drugs and the people that sell drugs with the idea that someone is going to sell them if there are buyers out there.  Why shouldn’t it be me?  The stock broker that sells something to an uninformed buyer because he gets a special commission at the expense of the buyer is taking advantage of the public.

Think of the hundreds of bankers that designed the derivative fraud at the public’s expense.  The mafia never costed the public as much money or heart ache as did these bankers and insurance executives, yet none have gone to jail or even been charged.  Our Congressmen and women are millionaires to a very high degree.  Go on and see for yourself.  Did all these men and women come to congress rich?  Do they really understand the problems we have, and are they terrorizing the public by keeping the common man down and subservient to the powerful?

Where should we draw the line and exactly what shouldw do?  I don’t have a clue, but no one is addressing the problem.  In the campaign it will never be mentioned.

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