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What Would Happen if Trump was Elected

22 Mar

This is an unusual thought process.

If Sanders is elected, he has some excellent ideas, but he will try to solve them in the usual way.

If Clinton is elected, she has good ideas and is a deeper thinker than all of them, but she will try to solve them in the usual way.

If Cruz is elected, he has no ideas, and will simply follow the republican line.

If Trump is elected the way congress does business will change.  Needed change will come as an answer to Trump’s challenge to the members.

If change, real change does not come, the awakening in the electorate will peak and true demonstrations will begin to pop up all over.

The only way congress can defeat Trump is to take decisive action now.

Discharge the Members of Congress

17 Mar

I have thought for long time and stated on the blog that we should votes all the congressional members out of office.  Now I have changed my mind and believe “We the People” should impeach all of them for non performance of their sworn duty.  I am more angry and the republicans, but I am also angry at the democrats.

I believe there should be a way to file a brief in and Federal Court that would eventually go to the Supreme Court.  The way members could be taken out of the case would be to show what they have done to promote work being processed through Congress.  Otherwise they would be found guilty and have to return all the salary and benefits they have been given, or worse.



The ‘No Action’ in Congress

16 Mar

The ‘No Action’ in Congress is proving Trump right.  Our Congress has lost the will to govern.  If they can’t govern they should resign.  It doesn’t take a genius to understand that Trump is getting votes because of the ineptness of the members of Congress.

Harry Reid introduced a Joe Biden rule that isn’t a rule at all and was challenged when it hit the floor.  This kind of nonsense is what will finish tearing this country down.

If you don’t think there is a war out there, you are not paying attention.

Many factors

15 Mar

I have been thinking about Trump and truly believe that if he is nominated for and elected president of the United States, there will be a much needed debate in the republican party.  The only way this can be avoided is to have the fight (which won’t happen) at the time of the republican convention.

This country needs a debate of such magnitude as to change the thinking of the political power of this country.  I am not for Trump because I don’t believe he will be a good leader.  I think is can spur debates that have been avoided for decades.

Many things that are trying to be legislated should not be.  A government cannot  micro manage its people.  Our legislators have fallen into a trance of being the government without serving the government.  There has to be a change and Trump, God bless him, can be the catalyst we need.