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7 Apr

I thought I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, but alas it faded.  As the political game wore on I heard Trump and Sanders speak to the public in a very refreshing way.  They told the public that there were actually problems in the system and something could be done to correct them.  The people responded again and again with enthusiasm and hope that the system could be changed.  The real money that owns the media stood by concerned with making ratings until they realized this could actually be a call to arms by voting the establishment down.

The establishment is in the Republican Party and was threatened.  It reacted to turn the public against the people the people supported.  Now they are going to put in the Whitehouse a powerless democrat and preserve the republican congress that will maintain the status quo, that has supported the establishment for the last forty year.

America, you can do something about this if you vote against the establishment.  This would put Trump in as president and overturn the republican congress to a democratic congress.  This would form a legislative cycle that would have to get things done by negotiating for the people instead of against them.

Don’t let the media dictate you decisions.  Make your own by realizing that if things stay the way they are in Washington, nothing will change for the better.