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It’s Just Wrong

8 Jul

I wrote a book titled “The Repair and Upkeep of the United States Constitution” and thought at the time we could simply change the way we do political business and things could get better.  I WAS WRONG.  We have to make major changes by correcting past mistakes.

 We have to make assumptions contrary to those made by the scholars we are listening to.  Those scholars read the constitution and determine that the writings of the men who actually signed the constitution are more important that the words in the constitution which were agreed to by those signers.

There are several items designed in the constitution, but the answer always seems to come back to Religious Freedom.

The first and most important freedom affecting us today is religious freedom.  In the Declaration of Independence “our Creator”.  This is the God we worship on a daily basis here in the United States.  You ask which God? To the founder there is only one God.  The congress didn’t have the first bible printed, but according to Dr. Warren Throckmorton, Robert Aitken, from his own fortune had the “Founder’s Bible” printed which included the New Testament.  While congress didn’t print the bible they were involved in the process.

The founders of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution understood that the Christian religion came out of the Jewish faith and the Christians understood it was prophesied in the Jewish bible that what was to become the Christian religion.  Christians tolerate the Jewish right to hold on to the old Jewish belief just as one may believe there is no God or a different God.  However, there was never an intent to support another God or the worship, another entity or other religions.  However, they believed a person may worship as they see fit as long as the worship doesn’t interfere with the Christian or Jewish values contained in the Holy Bible or Torah.

 The writing of any founder concerning the language in the constitution before or after they signed the agreement (the Constitution) expressing an interpretation different than the words, contained therein, has no bearing in law.  To me as I read the constitution the founders were saying that they did not want the state to dictate what religion the people should practice or not practice.  Hindu, Muslim, and other minor religions present in the US at that time were not really considered.  According to our founders, we should never become a theocracy as the Muslims demand.  As a matter of fact, when the Muslim or any religion teaching the takeover of the United States to adopt their religion is treason.

The values in the constitution are clearly taken from the Holy Bible and Torah.  While we don’t want the Holy Bible and Torah, to dictate what our government says and believes, clearly the founders didn’t want any other set of values to control our nation.  Personally I think that the Torah clearly dictates the existence of Christianity, but, as always, the Jews have to accept this teaching to truly be fulfilled.  I also believe the Koran, while advocating they believe in the teachings of the Torah and believe Jesus Christ was a prophet but don’t follow the teachings of Jesus the Christ is actually worshiping an invented god.  Sense the teachings of Koran do not follow the practice of choice as the current Torah and the Holy Bible advocate, we have to assume we have to assume the Muslim was a religion convenient for the time. 

The historians that study the Constitution many times pull from information writings not of the Constitution but from subsequent writings of some of the signers.  There is not term “separation of church and state” in the Constitution.  Again it was derived artificially from the thoughts of Thomas Jefferson after the constitution was ratified, so the Supreme Court took the after thoughts of Jefferson and ruled in support of his thoughts.

As in other cases the Supreme Court of the United States has bent the US Constitution completely out of shape.  The oath taken by the Justices and members of Congress swear to uphold the Constitution without really understanding what they are swearing to do, but they use the phrase “so help me God”.  Now there is the Muslim in congress used the Koran.  The Buddhist uses, I don’t know what.

Our laws should allow a religious sect to have churches, temples or mosques as long as their beliefs do not advocate violence against the US Government or its citizens.  In other words, religion should be defined by an amendment to the Constitution.  In this amendment we should take the Supreme Court rules that prohibit the teaching and religious practices of the Christian and Jewish believers to exercise their beliefs in public.  The Christians and Jews have been persecuted by prohibiting them from practicing their beliefs in public or on government property.  At the same time, we allow special privileges to the Muslim to exercise his prayer rituals whenever and wherever he wants.  We cater to atheists because they don’t want to be offended when, in fact if they don’t believe in anything, what possible difference could it make to them what practice of worship we practice.

A relatively new threat is the belief of some Muslims that they should force all people to believe as they do, or to condemn those that do not follow the Muslim believe as enemies. We have taken freedom of religion too far.  The value of our religion is based that we have a choice to belief or not believe.  If a Muslim cleric in any way backs the activities of those Muslims that cause harm to any citizen of the United States, are breaking the law just as you cannot go to a theater and yell “fire” with no retribution.  That cleric or total mosque should be dealt with by law.  We can’t wait until it happens to decide what to do.  It has happened and is happening.

 We are faced with a dilemma which is;

Do we want to preserve freedom of establishing a government sanctioned religion?

Do we want to want to continue to advocate freedom from religion, or

Do we do what our founding fathers intended which was to freedom to worship as you please, but the Congress should make laws with Christian principles?

The question we should ask is can a non- Christian or non-Jew take seriously an oath to serve God.

Conversations sometimes begin with the discussion of politics or religion.  I have heard people say again and again that they don’t want to argue about politics or religion.  To me the is the most shortsighted opinion anyone can have.  What are the most important controls of your life?  Religion and Politic top the list.  We cannot be passive about these most important subjects or we will be taken over by the devil.

May God guide your thinking and inspire action for each of us.