Voting is Essential

18 Oct

I have read all the email, tweets, and media messages about hate.  I must say that I am amazed at school mates, friends, and business associates that are letting hate obscure their otherwise good judgement by saying they don’t like Hilary as if that is a reason to vote for Trump.  Their total argument they use just is not one that will work in our government.  This is a democracy that depends on two or more parties working together to do good things for this government.

Trump has alienated both  sides of Congress before he even takes office to the point that reason cannot prevail.  In such an atmosphere the tea party will get what they want which is to keep the government stagnated.

The best hope we had was Burney Sanders who at least had a plan.  He could not have accomplished everything including government financing of all elections, but he would have made some progress.

Hilary is the only one left that has a chance to govern our great nation.  Get hate out of your heart, and begin to think of the people of this nation and where we have gone with special interest paving they way downward.   What good is trickle down economics if their is to trickle.

Hilary at least knows what is going on.  Donald does not have a clue. Vote but think of your neighbors before you do.



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