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I didn’t vote for Trump

15 Nov

It’s not that I believed him to be a bad person although I would not have made some of the comments he made.  I just didn’t believe he could be presidential enough to navigate his promises through congress.  I pray now that I am wrong.

He is my president now and I pray for him just like I prayed for Obama.  That is what our nation was built on.   Through a lot prayer  by the founders of this great nation, which is widely unreported, this nation was formed.   Through the process the founders set out a method of transfer of power from one set of political values to another.

For over two hundred years, by practice, we, as a nation, have prayed to the Father of Jesus  we call God and for  the most part put forth the principles described in the Holy Bible.  We are in danger of losing this precious gift that  was given to our forefathers. We are dangerously close to losing the principles and values.  Anger isn’t going to help.  As a matter fact there is nothing we can do or say to solve this problem other than pray.

That sounds like just empty plea from a one Christian to the other Christians, but it  isn’t.  If you believe in God and Jesus Christ as I do, you definitely know that prayer  works.  So what should we pray for?  We should pray for the nation as we always do, but further we should ask the Father in the name of Jesus  to  convict the policy makers to pray.   Yes they can be convicted to pray for  and on every  single items that comes  before them.

This is a great nation and has effected change to many other nations.  The devil doesn’t like this at all, and keeps bringing obstacles in the way of other countries plus hammering way at our precious nation.

Jesus said, “No one comes to the Father except through  Me.”  If you believe that pray.