When No One Leads

25 Feb

When no one is leading a group, the group will choose a leader.  That isn’t my idea.  It is the result of many studies.

For many years now the two parties have been leading us down a road of special interests.  During this time we have involved ourselves and a war that has expanded across the Middle East and various other counties.  Even then special interest group found a way to exploit the US citizens.

Since Congress has done nothing of substance as a united group of leaders to help the country over the last forty years by constantly fighting over yes or no rather than how we should proceed, we have confused the very citizens we should be trying to help.  Therefore the special interest groups saw an opportunity to run a candidate for president by appealing to the citizens that  the answer to all our problems are based in the government procedures such as intelligence, banking regulations, environment problems, social issues, and news media.  These are things that makes the United States of America different from the rest of the world.  These are things that we rely on to keep us safe and informed.

I am not saying this is a bad thing.  I think it will be a good thing if the country wakes up and decides that they need to encourage the Congress to take back control or replace those that are not doing their jobs.  Special interest groups have been controlling Congress for years and years.  A president cannot reform the country’s problems this a series of Presidential Orders.  To fix or repair some of these items is not a bad thing.  However, it needs the best minds in the country which should be in our Congress.

It is time for the Senators and Representatives to observe that activity go on in the White House, come together as leaders, and solve that problems facing this nation.  Republicans and Democrats should review what their individual philosophies get to be and try to negotiate with the other party to compromise  into solutions  acceptable to both parties.  If they can’t do that then they should be replaced.

Congress, together, has more power than the President.  However, if they are kept at each other’s  throats, they have less power.

I love this country and the people that voted for Trump love this country.  I am sure of that.  However, the people that votes for Clinton love this country too.  I am sure of that.

What do we need.  Responsible government!






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