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30 Aug

I guess I have not blogged in a few months because of my great disappointment in my fellow Americans. I followed Hillary Clinton throughout her campaign and believed she was sincere. I didn’t agree with her all the time. Many times I just thought she was wrong. However, I never even entertained the possibility of her being disloyal to the nation.

Trump on the other hand made statements that clearly were not possible or sometimes even reasonable. He made nicknames common place to his base. Crooked Hillary, Fake News, and other nicknames became his motto and style.

I believed when he became president, he would take the job seriously. However, that never happened. He has never taken the job seriously and probably never will. To my knowledge he has never read and certainly doesn’t understand the United States Constitution. He does not respect the people he represents or the allies with which we have relations. He also has no concept of justice.

He is using the office to better his position and grow his own wealth at the expense of the American people. This is obvious to anyone that just uses common sense. One does not have to do any more that take the facts and apply logic to understand this man does not represent anyone but Donald Trump, not the Presidency, but just Donald Trump.

He has done so much damage to the Presidency that it will take years to repair, if it is repairable. He has said things that seem to me at least to be unamerican if carried through.

As disappointed as I am with the president and the congress, I am more disappointed in the Apathy Party. The poles indicate Trump has an approval rating of about 35% of the voters. That seems to be his base constituents. Considering only about 54% of the population voted, and considering the 22% of the population under 18. This means 19% of the eligible voters is controlling this failed presidency.

For some odd reason Christians agree with the actions and statements made by President Trump. Some ask what lies has he told. Some seem to think being disrespectful to parts of our population is okay. Some seem to think begin disrespectful to women is perfectly alright. I have never had to depend on the media to tell me when he lies. I just listen. He contradicts his own words.

The Republican Party welcomed Trump into their fold just as they let the, “Have to do it my way,” Green Party into their party with open arms. From that point on, it has been downhill for the American citizen.

When I was a child, I always disliked the attitude of the guy that brought the bat and ball to the game and made up the rules. We always knew if we didn’t do it his way, he would take his ball and bat and go home. They never accepted the rights of the other players on the team. When we all could afford our own ball and bat the game changed.

Now I am an older man (78 years) and we are again dealing not with the boy that owns the ball and bat, but the rich men that gained their wealth on the backs of the working poor. We have been taught a lie which is “our vote doesn’t count”. Until that changes 17% of the voters will control the elections. Voting is not only a right, but a privilege.

I personally want to thank the 46% of the eligible voters for putting this unqualified President in the Whitehouse. By NOT voting;
• you insulted our neighbors to the south,
• insulted our allies in Europe,
• caused North Korea to get nervous and fire missiles over the head of our allies to the far east,
• cut off immigration from some countries
o (a process that built our nation),
• cut the guts out of our government by not hiring needed replacements,
• put us in danger of eating food that has not been inspected,
• take the United States out of the Global Initiative,
• has followed the failed idea that the United States and go to and sustain a war with an idea rather than a nation, and
• made this great nation, the laughing stock of the world.

I wrote the book “The Repair and Upkeep of the United States Constitution” in 2004, in which, I predicted that we would have a black president. It happened faster than that, but I wasn’t disappointed. The only way to stop that from happening was that everyone registers and vote. The Apathy Party wins again. The Apathy Party has won elections for years and years.

God gave this land to his people. In my estimation that would be those that love God and the ones that will love God. In my thoughts, I believe that what the old world had done with his religion just wasn’t working in His favor. The men that signed the Declaration of Independence pledged their fortunes and their lives to this new experiment called freedom from power and give it to the people.

The questions that I would ask the Apathy Party are;

Do you love your children?
Do you love this country?
Are you proud of this country?
Are you willing to do your part to keep it?

The answers to those questions should determine the future of this great nation.

God Bless America!!