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It is time for serious change

22 Feb

The question we must ask ourselves in these times of misinformation and professional interest in subjects facing our state and federal law makers is are the representatives representing the voters or are they representing the special interest group?

We are again in a heated discussion about assault weapons. The NRA has made it into a discussion about taking our guns away. One does not have to have a bachelor’s degree to know the difference in those two statements. What is important is safety. When I think about these statements I tend to take an extreme case scenario. Should we have no weapons, or can everyone have rocket launchers or 20 caliber machineguns?

It comes back to what is the best for the population. Our founders determined the people should have a need to protect themselves and hunt for food. The rocket launchers and machineguns come under the well-regulated militia clause.

The problem comes from the manufactures of arms and ammunition and sales companies that profit from those sales. It would cost them too much to pay all the enormous amounts of money paid to the thousands of law makers that are paid each time they run for office, so they started a public forum that collects money for that purpose.

Do you think our legislators should be controlled by such methods?

Our environment must be protected. Global warming is real.

Our infrastructure is something we must maintain.

Education is not an option any more it is necessary for all.

Our military should be strong. The question is will we do what we can, or will we do what we should do.

Is health care a right or an option?

Is it okay that we agree that the minimum wage remain at below the poverty level or should it be raised to a livable figure like $18 over the next ten years?
On each one plus many other times I could list, there are companies and large organizations controlling the vote of your representatives. The answer is obvious. We the people must pay for the election process once candidates qualify to run. At that point no outside money can be donated, not even their own. This should be from the local sheriff to the president of the United States.

Anything else we try will end up costing us more money that we can afford as the national obligation continues to rise.

Voting is Not Enough

16 Feb

One should realize along with voting is an obligation to stay reasonably current with the events happening around us every day.  The shooting in Florida that took seventeen lives is a good example.

The media will bring experts on for several days and we would consider that is enough, but how many people will actually write the Congressman or Senator and tell them how you feel.   Do we tell them that we know that the gun lobby has paid millions of dollars to the campaigns?  Do we tell them that we do not approve?  Do we tell them we expect them to protect us?

Supporting an organization that is fighting the gun lobby is not enough.  Personal action is what they listen to on a daily basis.  Supporting the organization that is fighting the gun lobby sounds very good, but is doesn’t get the job done.

White them today.