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Faith in God and Country

22 May

In 1776 we declared war with England by writing and passing the Declaration of Independence with the signatures of the representatives in the First Continental Congress.  Friends, this is faith.  This country was built on faith just like Christianity was built on faith.  When the Declaration of Independence was signed the United States had nothing but land owners and the money they personally owned.  Some citizens didn’t want to separate and were English sympathizers who gave no support.  The common man and other patrons that supported our declaration with their lives eventually won our freedom.


A few years later we started the expansion of our country by developing more states and with the Louisiana Purchase which we signed in 1803 followed by the fulfillment the terms of the agreement.  What kept us going was debt and growth. 


Individually we buy cars and houses mostly on credit depending on the growth which allows us to keep up the payments we agreed to pay.


We start business because we have to have faith that the people will use our products or services to support our investment and cost of doing business.


We created the National Guard (our organized well regulated militia) and expanded our military with the assurance the growth of the nation would continue to support it.


When President Eisenhower pushed through the interstate highway system, it was done because he and congress had faith in the growth of the nation to build it and take care of it.  They had so much faith that they unlocked the social security lock box to begin the program.


We bought national parks and staffed them for the amusement, conservation, and education possibilities. 


We built large and small learning institutions which had to be supported by the states and tuition. 


We as tax payers have to support the above items and even more such as the agriculture support and inspections we need because of the chemicals they put in our food and inspect imported foods.


The question is who pays the taxes.  Actually commerce should pay all the taxes.  It is commerce that gets all the benefit by employing a work force and selling their products and services to the public, but about 100 years ago we determined that all should pay something by classifying a specific tax on income.  Since then many taxes have been added which were supposed to have specific targets to support, but everything is in the general fund.  Management???


The question is what is fair.  Previously commerce paid most of the taxes and paid the workers almost nothing.  Now the workers pay some taxes, but still are paid very little for their services, but this is only part of the problem.  We have people in this country that cannot support themselves and their families.


Businesses, especially big businesses, have capital reserve accounts that are simply invested for various reasons which is necessary to keep their businesses adequately financed for future growth.  However, many businesses and wealth entities invest large sums of money, either their own or contributions to contracts being held for payment for the benefit of those from whom they are receiving those dollars i.e. insurance policies, stock accounts, bank account, and etcetera, for the benefit of the institution. The large sums of money we refer to are not invested as a joint venture with the specific investor.  These funds are invested for the sole benefit of the institution.  The idea is these companies are taking the risk.  However, they are usually taking very little or no risk at all.  The are paying us 1% or even 6% to hold our money and with the consent of the government agencies earn 30, 40, or even 50% conservatively for their own benefit.


These institutions rent your money to lend or invest.  Whether they lend the money against an asset or invest your money directly they still increase their own investment possibilities.  My point is that when they invest money simply to gain a profit with no risk. They should either pay more for the money they are renting or pay a higher income tax percentage.


Money is invested in stock and the buying and selling of various other financial paper.  The tax paid on money earned should reflect the risk taken to earn that money.  Employees are taking a risk that they are working, at the pleasure of their employer, who could not run their company without the employee is a high risk, ergo high risk – low taxes.  Individuals, partnerships or corporations in business making profit selling their products and services are also taking a risk.  On that portion of their income they should enjoy lower taxes but not a low as the employees because of the extra tax benefits they receive just for being in business.  Individuals, partnerships or corporations making profit neither selling a product or service or individuals, partnerships or corporations making additional profit outside of their normal necessary business structure should have to pay a much higher percentage tax on the profits derived on that type of investing. 


If I make a profit on the stock market trades the taxes on that should be higher that the employee tax of the business taxes earned by selling a product or service.  While stock trading, with computer help, and the investments of buying and selling any paper the investor is making money on trading money. There is no real benefit for the country with these types of investments.  This money is leveraged usually from the money you own placed with financial corporations. The risk is your, but they get the profit.  Additionally when trading enormous amounts of money the computer digital trading is not really a gamble.  The losers are usually the small trader who cannot leverage themselves out of trouble and have to sell at a loose.


If those financial institutions use your money to trade and only earn 6 to 10 percent compounded monthly the investment will at least double in a calendar year.  The profits can actually be much higher.  The institutions are only allowed to invest a portion of your money, but even at that the return is tremendous.  Therefore the taxes should be a high percentage, or you should be able to share in the profits, or both.


The inequity here is the system.  We have created a very large country that needs money to run it.  We are not in a row boat.  We have created a very large ocean liner, and we have we have people guiding it that don’t know where we have been, how we got here, or where we should be going.


We are led by leaders that want to slow down the growth of the country.  Every time that happens, we lose momentum.  We have to support the mechanism we have created.  Without that support we lose growth.  When we lose growth we lose jobs and etcetera.


The libertarians and the republicans seem not to want to support the necessary expenses it takes to run this country.  The democrats are not much better.  They want to collect more but they also spend more.  None of the legislators seem to understand that, while they are slow to make decisions, people are financially hurting because they don’t have the extra funds to get through these tough times.  Stopping unemployment payments and food stamp payment which was ultimately caused by their negligence is no way to run the government. 


We have to pay taxes no matter where the money comes from if we want to continue to enjoy freedom as we know it. 


Jesus told a parable about the businessman who left three men in charge of his money while he was gone on other business.  The first two men earned some profit while he was gone.  But the third man buried his money and didn’t earn any profit or take any risk.  This was the only man that made the businessman angry. 


We have all these resources here in these United States that we are supposed to care for.  If you don’t think God gave this nation to us, I will pray for you.  If you do think God gave this nation to us, let’s take care of it.


If you are a legislator you know what to do.  If you are a citizen, vote.

I believe there is a God. I also believe in God.

19 May

If I say this loud enough and often enough will it be true?  That really is the question isn’t it.


The people of this great nation, if asked, most would say they believe in God and Jesus.  To paraphrase the bible, the devil believes the same thing.


  1. If I mistreat the weak, but say I believe in God; does that make me a Christian?
  2. If I do not pay my workers a fair wage, but say I believe in God; does that make me a Christian?
  3. If I cheat my fellow man as I buy and sell commodities or my labor and say I believe in God; does that make me a Christian?
  4. If I misuse the resources on earth given to us by God and say that I believe in God; does that make me a Christian?
  5. If I do anything that is unfair to others and say I believe in God; does that make me a Christian?


  1. If I always do what is right and always treat everyone fairly and say I believe in God; does that make me a Christian?


From what most of us know, the answer to question number six would be yes.  Well it could be but not necessarily.  All people that profess to be Christians are not.  It is not what they desire to project, but it is a fact. 


When I was nine years old I was attending vacation bible school in a Baptist church in my home town.  It was the end of the bible school and the minister was addressing the children in the school.  He evidently asked for those who believed that Jesus the Christ came to the earth in human form, was crucified, died and resurrected to save us from our sins to raise their hands?  I remember thinking ‘what fool doesn’t believe that’.  I evidently raised my hand because one of the workers came to get me and said did your raise your hand? And I must have said yes, because the next thing I knew I reconfirmed my agreement with the minister’s statement and was scheduled to be baptized the next Sunday.


I did believe that Jesus came and died for our sins, but I didn’t understand it.  As I was walking home some of the children asked if I felt different?  I thought I was supposed to agree, so I said yes.  The next Sunday I was baptized and was a member of my church. 


From that time on I learned many verses of the bible and memorized the clichés I was supposed to learn and continued to go to church regularly until I entered the Navy.  During that time I witnessed to many people on the street and in revivals I attended in several different denominational churches in the area.


If you asked me when I trusted God to rule my life, it could have been before the day in vacation bible school or a long time after.  I always believed what my Sunday school teachers said that God created the universe.  I surmised that if God created the universe anything else had to be easy.  Intellectually that was a no brainer.  I didn’t realize until much later that God had a plan for my life and I had to live for him.  The more I believed that I was supposed to be living for him, but more challenges I faced.  It didn’t make sense for me to now believe he had a purpose for my life, but was continuing to let bad things happen. 


The more I studied the word the more I began to understand that He was building my faith because of what I was to do.  It had nothing to do with what I had done.  May be this message would inspire someone more qualified than me to understand what they should do instead of me a seventy four year old man doing something that makes a difference.  However it is what it is.  I can’t control that.  I can’t even understand it.


May God will bless the reader of this message and help them to understand their purpose in their time on earth.  It is a short life at best, but we need guidance.  My suggestion is to pray to God to see if you are on the path, He wants you to follow and get in the word and ascertain His answer.


If you can’t intellectually agree that God created the Universe, I suggest you order form Amazon or some book seller my book, “God’s Agenda vs Man’s Agenda”.


12 May

I continue to be concerned about the possibility of this country’s survival and what caused our down fall. 


If 1% of the country controls 35% of the wealth of this country, does that suggest anything to you?


The 10% of the people that control 75% of the wealth of this country mostly control the people that are elected to the thousands of lawmaking positions in this country.  These lawmakers write and pass laws that further exacerbate the difference between the working poor to the nonworking the wealthy 10%.


This 10% seem to get voters to vote with them even though their best interest of the voter is not served.  This has resulted in the breakdown of the Christian values upon which this nation was built.


What gods do the 10% worship?


Is it money, is it power, is it pride, is it prestige, or is it the Lord God Almighty that created the heavens and the earth?


Which one of the gods above do you worship?


If you say you love your fellow man and don’t vote, you are not telling the truth.  The only way we can fight the power is to vote for people that are not looking for money, power, pride, or prestige.  Only people looking for justice can help this nation survive.


The only way the populous can address the problems of the nation is by voting for people who care.


An example of not protecting the people is the fact that people in legislature now and the people before them, back 50 years or more, would pass a law protecting the environment and then postpone, change or abandon the laws when it was time to implement. 


Years ago when we needed to help the people to observe the Sabbath, in many communities we had a law called the “blue law”.  This law would have never made it through the Supreme Court because it dictated Christian beliefs.  However it did show the desires of the communities. 


My grandfather sold his vegetables in Knoxville, Tennessee.  His farm was 30 plus miles from his farm to market.  It was over 60 miles round trip for a horse drawn wagon.  He would not leave his farm until 12:01 PM on Monday morning in order to not break the Sabbath. 


My grandmother’s father lived in same Tennessee community and served in the Union Army because of his beliefs.


When harvest time came in their community blacks would come to help.  When lunch time came, the black’s would start to open their lunch from home and my grandfather would say you have to eat with us here in the house.


My grandfather also owned a store in this community and during the depression he gave away a lot of food to the needy people in his community.  Like many store owners in that time and area he took IOUs for collateral which mostly were never paid.  Many store owners experienced similar experiences in this area known then as the Bible Belt. 


If a child was doing something he should not be doing, and any adult saw him or her, the adult called them down and the child usually obeyed.  The children were mischievous and would get away with whatever they could.  They were children.  There were bullies and roughens, but generally the people tried to be fair with each other.  There were no locks on the doors.  You might go up to someone home with them away.  A note would be on their door that said come in a sit we will be back to milk the cows.  Honesty was just expected. 


If someone needed help they would just help and be repaid when someday they also needed help.  The Golden Rule was real and something you just lived by.


My grandfather was a Justice of the Peace.  He knew who would vote for him and who would not, but he serviced the community for all.  He was a republican, but would not at all recognize the republican party of today.


I say all that to say this.  It is possible to live together in harmony as we did one before.  All the material wealth in the whole world is not worth your sole.  If you are not a Christian, look into it.  You might be amazed at the possibilities.  If you are a Christian I hope you understand that Christ died in order for your life to be better through grace.  God loves you and I love you.


I would love you more if you would just vote.

How do we protect this couintry

5 May

God has been very generous to the people of the United States even though the founders decided to allow other religions to form in this great nation.  However, it seems to me that they were not addressing all other religions.  They were only referring to Christianity and the Jewish religion. 


In my opinion the founders should have been more specific when they decided that the US government would not establish a state religion.  It would have, in my opinion, been better to say that the government would not establish a certain method of worshiping God, the creator of heaven and earth.  Even though these men were clearly led by the influence of God in their life, they never imagined that people would opt for religions that abandoned the God that they loved enough to pattern this country after His teachings.


I believe what God was leading them to do was to take the earthly power influence out of the religious practices which had been the influenced by the Catholic Church and the Church of England.  Until Martin Luther and King James of England spoke out, the power was in the church and not in the Holy Spirit.  Many of the clergy were corrupt and cared little about the Christian people.


Winning this revolution had to be a slow process, because through the middle ages to the Martin Luther, the people were not just led but commanded how to worship by early religious power mongers. This was the reason, after all, that many people fled to the colonies in the first place.  Even in the early part of the development of religion in the colonies, the power mongers tried to reestablish the former power system they thought they should maintain just as they did in Europe.  After all this is what they knew.


They, as did the religious power structure before, did not understand where the power should be.  When Jesus died on the cross and arose from his tomb, he took all the power from the church, and said, “I am the way the truth and the life.  No one goes to the Father except through me.”  There is no doubt in the minds of the founders Jesus was the power.  After all there was a very heavy influence in that group of men.


The founders, however, seemed to tolerate the Jewish religion because it was the basis of the Christian religion.  This was a mistake.  It was not maybe a mistake, it was a mistake.  I do not doubt that the people practicing the Jewish religion believe in the same God we believe in, but this is not enough.  From their own religion it was prophesied to them that they would be a Savior born to a virgin.  While they believe in God they do not believe in the Word.  Unless one believes in the trinity you are not bound for heaven.  Throughout the Old Testament they Jewish people tried to live a good life many times and fail with every attempt.  God knew they could not achieve perfection necessary to be completely forgiven, so he predicted the birth or his Son in an earthly form to be the Savior.  He gave us salvation for the world and took our sins away. To solve this problem there is a simple solution.  The Jewish people simply need to believe in the Son as they do the Father.


I would like to believe that the Islamic religion is a similar problem, but it is not.  It is religion born of violence and in no way considers Jesus the Christ as the savior of the world.  While most Islamist believes they are worshiping God the Father, they reject Jesus as the Savior, but consider Him a profit.  If they believe He is a profit, then why do they not believe what he said?  These Islamist support the factions of their faith by not condemning them to the very highest degree possible.  By doing nothing they give support and credence to the groups that believe;


Kill all the Jews,

Kill all the Christians,

If we do this or that we will see virgins in heaven, and

We will keep the power of religion to ourselves and everyone else will comply.


Where is the love n that?


There are other religions that do not necessarily believe in a creator, but believe that all of this is an accidental creation.  Really! Over the millions of years during the creation of the world, God very carefully created a balance of nature that we ignore on a daily basis.  I said billions of years because I believe the first chapter in the bible covers 13.5 billion years. As I say in my book, “God’s Agenda vs Man’s Agenda”, my theory is that God created man somewhere between 160,000 years ago and told him the same thing he told Adam, but man was not true to God’s teachings and so God, about 5 or 6 thousand years ago, created Adam which who is the father of the race of people that would bring forth the Savior who was necessary for the salvation of man.


The worst religion is the worship of the devil in many forms.  This is the most dangerous because if they worship the devil, they should realize the only reason one would worship the devil is to become more powerful than God on this earth.  This is just dumb because if one believes this tripe, they acknowledge the fact of God.  


In the name God we should stop this freedom to worship anything you want to worship and amend the Constitution to read.  Matter what President Obama says, we are a Christian nation.  We were founded on Christian principles. We should acknowledge God as the creator of the world, as we did in the Declaration of Independence, but we neither should neither force our citizens to worship him nor should we be tell the citizens how to worship Father God.  However, we should not support or tolerate the worship of any other god as our foundation depends on the love taught by the one true God and His Son.


Our United States congress persons and Senators, our state congress persons and Senators, the lower court, regional courts, and the United States Supreme Court treat our Constitution of the United States as a meaningless piece of paper written for the benefit of the few.  In our Declaration of Independence the common man fought for justice, the pursuit of happiness, freedom of speech, the right to worship God, the creator, and the right to not worship at all as he was convicted.


My great, great, great, great grandfather fought for these principles.  I am sure he would say that he didn’t fight for the mess we have now.  Many of us have forefathers that fought and maybe died for the values written in the Declaration of Independence which produced the United States Constitution.  The only way I can honor these fine brave men and women that supported them and sometimes fought with them is to help to bring the values they fought for back to fruition.


You might wonder why I brought my beliefs in religion into this commentary.  The reason is simple.  Most of our politicians say they believe in God.  However, it doesn’t matter what they say.  It matters what they do about their beliefs that demonstrates their faith.  We must bring God back into our government before He takes it ways from us.


If you agree with me vote.  If you disagree with me vote. 

Health Care Injustice

24 Apr

company carriers understand this and many have begun preventative measures to reduce the likely hood of insurance payoffs in the future. 


Again the Republicans don’t want to think about this now.  They would rather wait until they have to, or until they are out of office and collected all the money they want.  Unfortunately there are some democrats that feel the same way.


This Affordable Care Act is not a good bill.  President Obama did a very bad job negotiating a good bill and gave away some checks and balances that would have made it better.  However, it can be adjusted down the road.  The problem with that is that we have a reactive congress and it won’t get done until it is too late for the impending problem.  My hope is that this happens quickly because of the Supreme Court’s decisions leaning toward the corporate agendas.


I spoke with a couple earlier this month when I was taking my wife to the doctor’s office.  They were complaining about Obama Care.  When I asked them why, they would make the normal statements that you hear on TV.  With further conversation it was clear they didn’t understand both the details of the law or the reason for passing it.  They, like most intelligent people, just don’t think about health care all that much.  Their concentration was on the business they own and operate.


This is very complicated subject that I have only scratched the surface describing.


Again if you want injustice abolished, you must vote and encourage others to do so. 


There is one other thing you must do.  Stay informed of the problem.  We can’t with our vote solve the problem, but we can elect people that can.


17 Apr

In the justice system, we seem to have labels that are attached forever cause much hardship on the labeled person.  These labels follow the trend of the ridiculous prejudices that we have promoted by saying nothing.


There are people out in the communities that cannot be trusted.  That is the reason we put locks on our doors, but how do we treat the untrustworthy people.  All people sometimes get on drugs, lose their jobs, and take disparate action in hard times in order to merely achieve mere existence.  Those of us that encounter such desperation end up eventually paying a price such as going to jail.


Once you have been in jail, when you come out our justice system expects you to get a good job and reform.  This is easier said than done. 


A black or Hispanic child could grow up in a neighborhood where both parents or a single parent has to work and sacrifice precious hours or child rearing when they should be caring for the child empty.  This creates a void that the child fills with his or her own ideas or even worse the ideas fed to the child by neighborhood gang members or simple aimless direction.


They are then taught street survival which usually puts them on a watch list by the authorities.  The authorities never expect the child to do anything right, so eventually the child get picked up.  I am not saying that this doesn’t happen to the Caucasian children, but the percentages of arrests tend to put the non-white or even the poor white child at greater risk.  The poor white child has their own label.


This scenario has existed for quite some time now.  That is where the present gangs come from.  For whatever reason the child maybe did badly in school, or maybe they did do well, however, because of their ethnic background and the label given to them by society, they can’t find a good paying job, so they join a gang or commit a crime on their own.


Gangs are frightening whether they are any age group, black, white, Hispanic, or outside country dominated, but all people in those gangs are bad.  Our society has labeled the gangs and the people in the gangs, bad untrustworthy.  If they are untrustworthy it is because we made them that way.  This does not make them innocent, but if we do not change the way we label all people we will continue to make matters worse. 


If we continue to isolate the gang members and those who have served their time for crimes committed against society we will never have peace, because we are driving these people further and further away.


Should people in or out of gangs be punished for crimes? 

Injustice has two faces

15 Apr

When I was in the construction business years ago, we dug footings, for houses to be built, by hand.  Later when the footings and septic fields were dug by machine, the workers would go behind the machine and cleanly square up the rough ditch left by the machine.  Before the stakes were put in the footing to insure a level footing, and before the rock and tile was placed in the septic field; the workers would proudly come get me, if I was not already there, and have me inspect their work.  This was one of the most menial tasks our men would do, but it was part of the home building business and important to them and me that it was done well.


This pride in workmanship had several fascists.   One was that they had a job and wanted to keep it.  I paid wages not as high as they could make free lancing, but they never missed a day of work because of weather.  We kept enough houses in different stages that there was always something to do in any weather.  They got raises based on the work improvement and the economic (rate of growth) needs.


The second reason is we would not leave a job until it was good enough for us.  We considered that we were the professionals, and we did not want to “get away with something”, because of the ignorance of the home buyer.


The next reason was pride in our own work.  When a job was finished we always wanted to point to any job we did with pride in ourselves.


If we went to a local restaurant to eat whether it was a deli in the back of a grocery store, or the best restaurant in town they took pride in their food and service.


If someone did something substandard or morally wrong, you would often here the phrase, “that just aint right”.  I know the English is not wonderful, but it says a lot.  Most of us lived with a set of morals that seems to be missing in our society today.  Then It was the idea of fairness should simply be observed.  This is the way we dealt with each other back then. 


Now if we want justice in government, we have to regain the old profile of justice we enjoyed then.


That doesn’t mean there was not injustice in our world back then.  There was a reason unions were formed.  Big business got away with a lot back then, but there was less big business. 


Federal and state legislatures did pretty much want they wanted and pacified the voters with little gifts and jobs bills.  The professionals were all trying to get ahead through associations that lobbied for us in state and federal legislates.  The workers did it though negotiations.  They did make a difference.  We had the possibility of owning a home and retiring debt free at around 65.  Union workers retired sooner. 

We remembered our grandparents working until they were bedridden and then died with no chance to slow down and live peaceful life.

We put a lot of stock in the fact that someone was able to have a formal higher education.  We thought doctors, mayor, lawyers, and other educated people were wiser than we.  We evidently wrongfully thought that education breeds wisdom.  Whatever they did it was because we let them.  As time moved forward, they kept on seeing what they could get away with just as we kept on seeing what we could get away with.  The concept of fairness slowly faded away.  The wealthy continued to give us just enough to keep us happy while they kept most all of the growth created by the GDP in their personal accounts.


We sort of looked out after each other years ago, and as time passed that sort of became a myth.  We now don’t see our neighbor as a brother as we should.


I think while we do seem to try to perceive what is best for the nation, we tend to think that if we have a little more it is okay even if it takes from another brother.  I am a Christian and believe that this nation was formed on Christian principles.  God created this great land for us to live in together peacefully and to help the rest of the world because of the abundance He bestowed on us.  I believe the phrase “That just aint right”.  Came from the concept of the, “golden rule”.  I am talking about the one in the bible.  I am not talking about, “the one that have the gold makes the rules”.


Yes, there is too much injustice in this world, but there is a solution.


  1. Begin the concept of ‘the golden rule’ as we live.
  2. Use your own wisdom to determine who can govern us.
  3. Register to vote.
  4. Vote your convictions.


God gave us this country, and He can take it away.  It is our job to be good stewards of this earth we live in. 


If the person wanting your vote doesn’t believe that, why would you vote for that person? 

If the person wanting your vote doesn’t believe that people should be treated humanely, why would you vote for that person?

 If the person wanting your vote doesn’t believe that all people should be considered equally, why would you vote for that person?

 If the person wanting your vote doesn’t believe in obvious right and wrong, why in the world would you vote for that person?


This is our country.  Let’s claim it back to #wethepeople.