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Bureaucracy is the Problem

30 May

In the discussion of the problems with the VA, IRS, CIA, FBI, NSA, all the other alphabet agencies we know about and those we do not are all focusing on the Secretaries we appoint to serve and their immediate assistants.  The problem is not there.  It is down below with the people who have to operate in an environment created by the system.  Problems in the system are usually caused by lean budgets that simply could not stretch enough to cover the need.

The challenge is that, as a nation, we never address problems in reality until we are forced to do so.  We are a nation controlled by the numbers we have set in place to take care of the norm, but everything is not normal.

For instance if we want to set a budget for any department we ask the heads of those departments to give us a budget need for the next year.  Usually the ask each of their subservient department heads to submit their need for next year based on their budget spent for last year.

This is when all the spending of the funds not needed last year get spent, so they can increase the amount needed next year.  This isn’t wrong because we have put the bureaucrats in a position that if they run out of money, their ass is on the line.  There is no mechanism to reduce the budgets or plan for disaster.

Now we have to let the number management system run our government.  Therefore the underlings use that system to control their own smaller departments.  If the numbers work the department wins.

President Carter scared everyone when he wanted to go to zero based budgeting.  This would have been a good start.

Now we should look at number system as the cause of malfunction.  If workers are judged by the numbers produced by their superiors, the worker will make the numbers work.

The point is the government does not hire managers; they hire people that are or will become auditors.  They then have people that teach them that a good auditor is a good manager.  Corporations work the same way that is the reason they cannot be controlled by the law under which they operate.

Now the elected government wants to fix the problems in the bureaucracy by using the same methods that have not worked in my lifetime.  Any time one addresses the situation either in the government or corporations, it has to be fixed by training their present staff to become managers.  Even a person working with no one under him or her has to be a good manager.

 W. Edwards Deming, born in 1900 and was a very significant contributor to the production quality of the Japanese business process after World War II, related a story of one of his consulting visits to a company here in the United State where he asked a phone call operators what her job was.  She said that she didn’t know for sure.  The company wanted her to make 40 phone calls and hour and wanted her to sell 3 per hour.  She said she didn’t know which was the most important, making the correct number of calls per hour or selling 3 per hour.

In that case, as in most cases like that, the numbers became the manager.  The person that was the manager might as well not even been present.

Training managers that can train their employees to service the public should be the primary focus of our government.  Just think of the times you need to speak with a government employee to get an answer.  Are you intimidated?  Of course you are.  We all are.  They are not trained to help the public.  They are trained to help each other hold their jobs.

If we are to win back the control of our government we need to repair this problem.

Is it just too much trouble to vote?

11 Apr

The republicans in congress have gotten their way so long that they just believe that is the way it is.  Half of you are just sitting this voting dance out and hoping for the best.


Justice will never be served if we don’t at least register to vote.  It really isn’t hard.  Prove who you are and where you life.  Of course the republicans don’t want you to vote if you haven’t registered before, or if you are a democrat. 


If you are a democrat and live in their district they will just move the lines, so you vote in a district where you cannot possibly win.  That is easy because 50% of you don’t vote anyway and you let a minority run the country.


Good for you.  Now you get what you deserve;


Low wages,

Less unemployment,

Less or no food stamps,

No health care because you won’t sign up for it and many states ignore your needs,

It is harder to vote in many locations,

You are ruled by bullies!


I won’t go to Florida again until the Fire at Will condoning murder law is taken down.  They can just do without my money.


Potential voters, there are injustices being done every day and you are not voting.


Please help us.


1 Apr

This is April the 1st and who are the fools.  Is it we who have apathetically allowed our congress to create tax conditions that would allow US producing companies to ship our jobs to foreign countries to produce products or services that we pay for with US dollars, or is it we voters and non voters that elect representatives that would do such a thing.


Is it congress that supported conditions that allowed banks to turn their backs on small business and make their profit in a way that actually interferes with the operations and profits of small business?


Large banks and large business have a relationship that seems to tell everyone that bigger is better.  Large banks and large business buy up their smaller competition not for the benefit of their depositors, but so they can do what they want to do without government or public interference.   


In 1890 The Sherman Antitrust Act was passed.  This was to keeping large companies from fixing prices.  Look at us now.  The banks keep expanding, but don’t give better service that the local community banks did when they started.  The banks make more money by trading out the back door and charging the customers fees to take care of the branches they must keep open.  Some of our largest corporations, including financial institutions, pay the lowest tax rates while being involved with trading and other financial practices that they would not support if we went to the bank and asked to borrow the money to do the very same thing.


Our media ownership is no longer diversified.  Only a few individuals, partnerships, or corporations control the media.  Cable companies work in such a way that they control competition from interfering with their pricing structure.  Now they are buying up each other and are monopolizing the field.  If they are going to monopolize the field they should be treated as a utility which would allow the government to limit their earnings.


Cell phone companies and services for those phones and other devices that comes over the internet are positioned that in the future we will have to depend on them and there will be no way to monitor the charges and profit, because they are being bought up by the giants of the industry.


Medical companies are being bought up by hospital giants to control this lucrative market.


There are chemicals and compounds put in our food both foreign and domestic that we didn’t ask for and are definitely not good for us.  We drink water that is insufficiently treated.  WE are told that so many parts per million in food and drink that would kill us if we consumed it directly is an acceptable risk. 


These things mentioned above must be regulated and inspected thoroughly on an ongoing basis.  Monopolies must be broken up.  We must be protected from consumer abuse and government abuse.  How do we do that?  Campaign reforms that elect people who will not let either corporation or government take advantage of the consumer. 


How do you fight injustice?  Vote (I might have said this before)

“Where do these injustices originate?”

29 Mar

We begin this injustice blog series by asking the question, “Where do these injustices originate?”


The first question inspires a second question, “Where do these injustices begin?”


First they are the result of laws either made or not make by the politicians.  The injustices or justice of these laws are reflected by the justice system of laws and courts, but they are determined most of the time by the legislature and then tested in the courts. 


We basically have a two party system of legislation with sub parties within each one in this country.  We have the Democrats who tend to be more liberal toward social justice; within the Democratic party we have the independents who usually don’t agree with excessive non regulated spending; the Republicans who tend to be more conservative tending toward free ungoverned business; within the Republican party we have Libertarians who would just as soon have no government at all; and also within Republican Party we have the Tea Party who should not be in either party because they tend to be more Theocratic than Democratic.  When one combines the Libertarian and Tea Party together neither party supports the constitution of the United States and the Amendments thereto.  


Any time an extreme position begins to take root and controls the people away from the basic beliefs of the people and for the people.  The people eventually overthrow that government, or by some means bring it back to the reality of protecting the public and their basic rights. Throughout the process of uncovering injustice and the causes and cures, we will take them one at a time, and try to make some sense of the problems and cures.


What is the solution?


The answer is VOTE.  Around 50% (on a good day) of the people eligible to vote, actually vote.


This means 24 or 25% of the voters actually control the elections. 


The way Barack Obama was elected was that he had the basic democratic vote plus the Black and Hispanic vote.  He was very careful to orchestrate a system that would get him elected two separate times.  I am not saying that he should not have been elected, but his win did not necessarily reflect the will of the people, because half the nation that should have voted, didn’t vote at all. 


Here is an interesting thought.  There are more people that understand that we have to pay taxes in order to live in this wonderful country than there are people that don’t want to pay taxes.  These large corporations and very rich citizens that don’t want to pay their fair share of taxes DON’T WANT YOU TO VOTE.


The political clowns that stay in office on Capitol Hill are there because they are not run out of town by the voters.  We put these people in power to do a job.  They have proven beyond a doubt that they are not capable of performing the duties of the job for which they were hired.


We will talk about the way they use the media to stay in power.  This is a very complicated system they are running and blocking movement forward.  It cannot be explained in a few sound bites in the newspapers, television, and certainly not be the radio talk shows.


Stay tuned – we will cover more.  In the mean time go register to VOTE.

Should we do away with the court system

24 Feb

I would love to take my children to the beach of Disney World in Florida, but it’s not happening.  I can’t support a state that makes is legal to kill someone just because you have decided that you are a threat.


We have laws in these United States in every state against murder, manslaughter, planning and threatening to kill someone, and other laws that protect us from being killed.  The stand your ground law presupposes that we have a right to kill someone if we perceive a bodily threat against us.  In other words the legislature of Florida has crossed the line from legislation against murder to the judicial side of law that bypasses the jury and in some cases the judge.


In other words if someone makes a decision that they are afraid for their life, whether or not the threat actually exists, they can take someone’s life.


In Texas the education system is changing history if they don’t agree with it.


In Colorado they legalized pot even though it goes against federal law.  I don’t disagree with the idea, but if the feds do not enforce the federal law there is a precedent that should not be.  We have enough of those.


I am a state’s rights guy.  I believe the only hope of our nations is state’s rights.  However, if the states and the federal legislature continue to write laws that try to micromanage the citizens of the United States we might as well throw the Constitution of the United States away. You cannot decide intent or action until you know the circumstances.  That is what courts are for.