The budget and laws of the United States

I have heard all the statements from the Republicans and Democrats, the conservative Republicans, the liberal Republicans, the conservative Democrats and the Liberal Democrats. There are certain truths that all seem to simply ignore. Only 125 million citizens voted in the last election and what the other 186 million did was to ignore the problem of this nation. However, what the 125 million said to those all now serving in Congress was,

“I don’t agree with things going on in congress just as you don’t agree. However, I also don’t agree with everything you believe either, but you are closer to me than anyone else running. I am saying that I want you to govern. This means to me that you will not try to impose only your beliefs into our nation’s rules and laws, but to integrate our thoughts and beliefs into the laws that exist. By not communicating and negotiating we will not get anything done again.

It is important to me that you do what you say you can do, which is communicating and negotiate. If you cannot do that, come back home, resign and don’t run again. The problems this country are facing are too important to give to people that will not move the responsibility of ruling a nation.”

There are many problems facing us and we need many ideas that identify and address long term needs AND RESPONSIBILITIES. That is the real key to our problems is to identify those responsibilities that we hold dear as a country. Next we should decide what the budget requirements to support the agreement and determine a tax structure that will support that agreement. Next congress should determine what amount of money including principal and interest is necessary to support the debt created by present and former congress members then decide how best to address that problem.

After we have determined a path, I think we should determine what interest payment is necessary to pay back social security all the money taken from the lock box, which then existed, during the Eisenhower administration and all the money placed in the general fund and used for other purposes since then. We could then determine if this social security you all call an entitlement is broke or not.

Just a guy watching people who never learned to communicate and negotiate try to govern, Jim Headrick

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